Thursday’s Special: Calligraphy


Interesting theme this Thursday comes from my guest Meg Davis. Meg sees calligraphy in nature; I saw it in smoke signals; and you might see it elsewhere. Whatever your take on this theme, we look forward to your entries for this challenge.


smoke calligraphy_dark-1_blijedi potpis_scale


Wishing you all a creative and happy Thursday!





If you want to check out entries to this challenge, click on the links bellow:


95 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Calligraphy

  1. I’d do anything to prompt one of your exquisite flame photos. This one calligraphs beautifully the flame swirls: the fine lines of light and the creamy-brown eddies of density behind them. Thanks you for great pleasure.


    • You really know how to challenge us, Meg. This is smoke, fire would be even more difficult to photograph in this form ;). I wish I had a house or at least a garden or a porch or yard to make fire, but the only thing I can do are small flames in my tiny apartment.


  2. Very good. I can’t begin to imagine the time ad work in setting up the light and taking shot after shot of the smoke… πŸ™‚
    (And what did the smoke signals tell you?)


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  9. Absolutely amazing Paula! You really wow me every time I come here. Your images are so creative and of course always stunning! Great take. I love it! πŸ˜€


  10. Love the picture.
    Photographing smoke is always something of a challenge, because it is quite unpredictable – but if you get it right, you can see amazing forms in (or through) the smoke.


    • You are quite right Rabirius – it is one of the hardest photographic experiment I have undertaken so far. I am very glad you have checked it out. It is much appreciated.


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