Thursday’s Special: Urban Art

You don’t have to wait in lines or purchase tickets to see it. It is out there open to everybody and free and it changes the character of a town or at least some parts of it. It is called urban art and I love it.


urban art_faca_sova-1_potpis

If you want to join this challenge, link to this post and leave me your links in the comment section bellow. Happy Thursday!


Entries for this challenge include:

Here is a slideshow of participants’ entries.

101 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Urban Art

  1. You’ve given me another theme to pursue when I go urban on Sunday! I love the way this one completely takes over its base building. And you have an owl too! I seem to remember you have an affinity with owls.


    • I wish we had more of those. Unfortunately the most graffiti still consist in meaningless and ugly scribbling on historic buildings, but when it is done on sheds or ugly walls by real street artists it is such a joy to watch. Then I feel like there are other people that love this town as much as I do 🙂


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  7. Paula, I was going through the other entries and realized that Irenewaters19’s entry is pointing to ‘’. Can you check it out!


  8. I’m going to really enjoy looking at the entries. We don’t really have much in the way of urban art because we aren’t urban. We aren’t even suburban. We are barely exurban. But I’m sure there’s something in a file that will suit 🙂 I love how urban art has transformed from graffiti to real art. Some of the work I’ve seen is absolutely stunning.


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    • You are right about the contrast 🙂 I am filled with joy when I see an addition like this to my neighbourhood. Sonya, you are a dear for going out after work to capture the murals next to Opera House. Outstanding work by the artists and the photographer!


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  13. I’ve just been for a look through the other entries this week Paula and it seems as though I have misinterpreted urban art. I will have to go back to the drawing board. “I will be back”….


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  22. Remarquable photo (et sujet) je n’étais pas trop “fan” de street art, mais j’apprécie chaque jour d’avantage. Et j’en “poste” queleques uns de temps en temps. Peut-être les as-tu vus?


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