Circle of Love

I’m not going to talk about universal love “expressed by all people for all people” as proposed by the on-call “happiness engineer“.

My take on love is the one that perpetuates the cycle of life and makes one feel connected with the universe as shown in the allegoric sculpture, the work of Croatian most renowned sculptor Ivan Meštrović titled the Well of Life. Maybe you recall seeing his work before on my blog.



The Well of Life by Ivan Meštrović



Closer view of the same sculpture


zdenac s kazalistem-1_potipis_scale
The Well of Life with the Croatian National Theatre in the background


You may wish to enjoy a Croatian tune. Click on the player bellow….

50 thoughts on “Circle of Love

    • Dear Debbie thank you. The voice in the song belongs to our Dalmatian singer Oliver Dragojevic and the cellist comes from famous duo 2 Cellos – Stjepan Hauser (also Croatian). They are world famous. You should look them up.


  1. nice sculpture (I still haven’t seen it in person), I specially like the last one with HNK in the background. kh, kh, inzinjer srece… zapalo mi za oko 😉


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  4. The second photo , so neat and detailed, gives the idea of the author’s artistic skill…
    Very powerful and realistic representation…
    I also love the perspective from wich you captured the last one..
    Well done, Paula!


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