Thursday’s Special: Night Photography (Response to Guest Challenge)

On this link you will find today’s challenger and learn more (unless you know it already) about shooting in the dark πŸ˜€

I like having people around, and Cardinal Guzman is a regular around here. So, give his challenge some thought and effort and leave me your links.



The above photo is from a very nice night walk I took at the end of January. One personΒ (at least)Β among you is bound to recognise the place.

Happy Thursday!



Here is the list and links to the participating posts:


70 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Night Photography (Response to Guest Challenge)

  1. Beautiful image Paula! Illuminated. My night photography skills are relatively limited at this point, but I’ve picked up some tips and inspiration from this challenge that make me want to give it another go.


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  4. An assignation on the steps. Lovely chilled music! I hope you can be too, Paula. πŸ™‚ Meg will recognise this, I think? Off to learn how to do it from Cardinal. πŸ™‚


  5. Haha, this was a great surprise Paula! I got your email that my guest post was coming up this week, but with my goldfish memory I’d already forgotten about it.
    I’ll see if I can shoot a new night photo and join your (my) challenge. I have my son this week/weekend, but I’ll come up with a solution. Your night photo is lovely with a nice composition. I love walking around in cities at night with my camera.


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  7. I should love to have a stroll with you here Paula. We are just learning a bit about night photography so in the pre-beginner phase I would say. πŸ™‚ Hoping this week is looking brighter for you.



    • Thank you very much, Sonya. It was an important night for me (the first trip I took after injuring my leg). This weekend will be all about rest. Thank you for caring. xx


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  10. So many centres of light in the darkness: the warm glow of the building, the star-sparkle of the street lights, and the elliptoid gleam illuminating the stairs. I hope it’s a metaphor for your state of mind in the gloom of your present.


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