Thursday’s Special: Park

After last week’s challenging theme inflated to which you responded with brilliant interpretations, this week’s theme does not seem like a challenge at all. Spring is probably the time of year when we go to parks most, so here it is – an ordinary park with ordinary park population.

Now, let me have a look at the parks that you visit. For those living in the southern hemisphere – parks are very beautiful in autumn too 😉

Before I go, I’d like to thank you all for voting for the last week’s entries. The most votes went to Jude from  For my part, I want to congratulate all the participants. I loved your imaginative and creative entries and you are all winners in my eyes 🙂 . 



P.S. I will stick with this idea of voting for some time still to see if it will get more people interested, and yield more logical voting results. For now, I have to say I agree with Tobias’s comment on the “Voting time” post. 

I’ll be away on business till Saturday, but will look at your entries for this new challenge when I come back. Enjoy your Thursday!


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Check out the entries for this challenge:


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