Black & White Sunday: Texture

For this theme you are invited to translate the tactile quality of the surface of an object into an image, and to make it black and white.

While considering texture for the challenge I stumbled upon an interesting quote by Paul Scott:

“The past becomes a texture, an ambience to our present.”


texture_bark_b_w-1_potpis scaled



I would very much like to see how you would interpret it (both the theme and the quote).


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54 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Texture

  1. whether in the natural world or the (de)constructions of humans, or in the intersect between the two, texture by and far arises not from intent, but of the elements, over time, interacting, engaging one another, each of them changed in the interaction, the dispersion of energy. The static photograph splendidly captures the motion of this dynamic. How the terrain is like any other terrain, valleys in its skin like canyons carved out by streams and creeks and rivers. One cannot help but ponder the flow, the growth – a rough life? serene?

    Interesting facet – the ambiance of a landscape emerges from its texture , whether desert or forest, urban or rural.


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  4. Bark? πŸ™‚ Glad Yvette mentioned the music because I almost didn’t listen that far. Impatient to get into the sunlit garden for breakfast this morning. Beautiful!


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  14. The music is very “You”. The bark reminds me of my (long gone) european woods.
    The quote is perfect. Without dwelling in it we are nothing without the past, our past, our parents, grandparents, ancestors. They indeed have given the texture to our lives. We cannot ignore that texture. Obrigado Menina.


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