Time to Vote: Best Park Entry

After hearing bloggers’ opinions on voting for the best photo challenge entry,Β I decided to open polls for a whole week which will allow you more time to help me select the best entry for this challenge. Here is a selection of parks captured by participants for the TS Park challenge from last Thursday. Tomorrow is time for a new Thursday’s Special challenge and the theme will be “glow”. See you soon and don’t forget to vote. The poll is open until 1st June.


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35 thoughts on “Time to Vote: Best Park Entry

    • There are great entries Gilly, but I particularly liked yours. It’s candid, has kids in it and it shows the real purpose of parks. I smile every time when I look at that boy’s face which I presume is your grandson. My best wishes to the three of them and to you.


  1. I voted yesterday (it is now Thursday over here as I write this) and I came back for another look and wondered why no results were showing as a number of people said they had voted… THEN I noticed the “view results” silly me… Look to be getting more votes this week Paula, hope all is getting better for you.


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