Black & White Sunday: Diagonals

This Sunday I want you to think about the role of lines in photography.

Think how diagonals draw the eye of the viewer through the photograph and enhance perspective…


cesta kozjak b-w-1_potpis

Somewhere in Slovenia


If you want to participate in this challenge, post a photo (or several) with diagonals in it, and while you are at it, make it black and white. To see forthcoming themes and challenges go here.





Click on the links to see the fabulous entries from the participants:


73 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Diagonals

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  2. So many diagonals in your shot, Paula – they are both the plot and the sub-plot. I love the continuation of the grassy diagonal on the left side of the road into the mountain’s diagonal, and then there are fences, the road itself and the break in the clouds. So many when you start looking.

    You’ve tempted me into two posts in one day

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  14. Another thoughtful challenge Paula. I was going to do a year long project looking at the different ways of photographing a subject so this is very dear to my heart. (I had to put off the project due to the house move and garden challenge I am running this year, but maybe in the future I will come back to it). Anyway I digress. I took a look at a recent set of images I took and was surprised to see how many of them I compose using leading lines – or diagonals. I hope that I have interpreted this week’s challenge correctly and that you enjoy following my lines πŸ™‚
    Jude xx

    Your mountain example is excellent with both the S-shape curve of the road and the diagonal lines of the field boundary drawing the viewer towards the mountains.

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  18. Hello Paula! It’s been a long time, I had to get caught up a bit. I have more exhibition proposals and submissions to make, and a lot more networking to do but I’m taking this opportunity to jump in on this brief:

    I like your use of the sky as an angular element. All aesthetics cause me to look from the road to the upper right, and wonder what’s up on the nearest mountain.


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    • No, you are not actually. Though 90% of the participating bloggers post within 24 hours, the deadline is 6 days from when it first came out. So, thank you very much.


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  22. I had never really thought about the role of lines in photography. I think more about frame, positions, angles…
    Hmmm. You are a (very) good teacher Paulinha. Maybe if I listen to you more I will start learning about photography. πŸ˜‰
    Obrigado. Bjo


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  25. there’s something comforting about this image Paula. i am commenting now but had seen this photo early in the morning and it had such a calming effect..something i desperately needed today..thanks buddy πŸ™‚


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