Thursday’s Special: Shadow

Are you ready to face your own shadow? 


golub u hodu-1_potpis_scale

Today I’m asking you to post a photo (or several) of shadow(s). It may be taken during the day or at night, caused by sun or artificial light; or it can be metaphorical. Whatever you do make sure to link to  this post and to leave me a note in the comments section bellow. If there is a sufficient number of participating entries, I’ll make a poll again where you’ll be asked to vote for the best entry, but first let’s see your entries.  Have a happy Thursday!


Please check out the participating entries. Click on the links bellow:

One late entry that unfortunately I could not include in the poll:

58 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Shadow

  1. Hi P – the music was so relaxing tonight – again enjoyed the feature music Amiga
    And this one I enjoyed with headphones – nice tempo
    And I took a special photo this week with a bit of a shadow – I am still on a mini blog pause – but will share it in a few days –


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  3. This is a great shadow photo, Paula. It’s as if the pigeon has given the stones within the shadow some of his/her colours – a feathered pigeon and a pebble pigeon side by side. Magic!


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  5. A sweet photo, Paula. And such relaxing music (too bad I have to get back to work!). I wish I had been able to capture one of my cats discovering her shadow last week. She just didn’t get it and I couldn’t stop laughing! Happy day! 😀 ❤


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    • Thank you kindly, Irene. Yes, it’s been more than a week and it feels like a month already. There was no way to ease slowly into daily schedule. I often wonder what good is having a holiday when later you are supposed to do triple your workload. Still I am very happy and grateful that I could enjoy mountains again. I appreciate your visit and your response to this challenge. It will be very difficult to chose my favourite – maybe the cove cause it is very hot in Zagreb these days and I would love to be near water somewhere. Thank you again, Irene.

      Liked by 1 person

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  16. Hi Paula, just making sure there’s enough participation here … I couldn’t decide which of the three pictures to pick, so I posted all three of them. Cheers!
    (P.S. I did not forget to look into my ideas for a challenge. I’ll be in touch.)


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