I hope you won’t hate me for the choice of today’s challenge. I would like you to compile your photos from July and August (not just the ones for my challenges, but from all). You may repost all of them, or your favourite ones. The reasons for this are purely selfish. With my holidays and being busy before and after them, I missed quite a lot of your work and would like to catch up in this convenient way. Would you humour me?

Here is what I posted over the last two months:


jupiter najnajnoviji  

If you have missed great summer posts from my followers, please click on the following:  


For those who wonder, Black and White Sunday is now a fortnight event, the next one coming on 10 September.


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  4. Although it took me longer to do than a post would have done and I couldn’t work out how to add links back to the post I actually enjoyed having a summary of the posts I’d done throughout the two month period. You had some wonderful photographs from the two months. The music certainly suited looking back and reflecting over the time past.

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  6. Well, unusual but interesting for US…
    I wonder how much time will take you looking at them all!
    Thanks for this nice challenge, it’s always a pleasure for me to revisit your photos?..


  7. Rovinj is my favourite of those, Paula. A stunning shot! And I like the soft beauty of Setting, too. You know I’m a lazy lump so I’ll probably just be content to admire everybody elses. 🙂 🙂 Happy Thursday!


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