Welcome to another Thursday’s Special photo challenge. For those that do not know, this is a weekly event where you are invited to post a photo (or several if you like) on the given theme. The deadline is by next Thursday. Today’s theme, imitation,  should not be too difficult. After all, the world is full of it.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Thursday!


   jupiter najnajnoviji


Let’s see others’ imitations:


and my personal favourite


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  2. Actually , your photo looks all right in my screen….

    Sorry you have problems with WP …As for me…..I’m having plenty of them, too!
    Love yor whale , perfectly set in the scenery ! Lovely!


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  5. All is clear on my screen – photo and comments, Paula. I’m v. sorry that WP is giving you a hard time. In the past I’ve found that Microsoft updates on my pc can make WordPress very hard to handle, resolved only by going back to the previous setting before the update.

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  8. Hi Paula, the image looks fine to me…sorry you are having problems. I’ve onlŷ just seen this post, because I think WP has unfollowed me. Busy day today, but shall see what I might have for an imitation or two later

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  11. Hi P – I skimmed some of the comments and so sorry you are having wp probs.
    I can see the whale just fine and when I opened the post – my jaw dropped because I wondered where you were when you took this ocean photo

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    • Dear Sue, I am having issues with WordPress. I wrote you a reply a few minutes ago and it never came through. The work is making me so stressed with pending layoffs – more than a third of employees, and WordPress is not helping with stuff that is supposed to be fun. Thank you for keeping in touch despite my scarce presence. There should be more people like you.

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  15. Your imitation is absolutely fabulous, Paula. I had to do a double-take! LOL! Love Michael Jackson! In perusing the comments, I’m so sorry you’re having WP issues. Computers can be so rewarding when they work right or so very frustrating when things are off. I hope things are starting to sync now for you. Hugs to feel better.

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  18. I’m not sure who the character being imitated is…must be a sign that I’m out of some loop. Sigh. But Tour de Fat is a day when the city is filled with bikes, imitations, and…of course music and beer. All in all a great escape from the frustrations and fears of today’s world


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