Welcome to another Pick-a-Word Thursday’s Special. I hope that the choices I made for this month’s photo challenge will allow you a lot of liberty in interpretation. As always you can pick either of the 5, some or all of them. Here are the words to choose from:  







gushing – Lamont, Italy


aperture – window on borghetto sul mincio


frontier at HADRIAN’S WALL




TAPERED – A church tower at Buje, Istria



jupiter najnajnoviji

Next photo challenge on this blog may be expected on 15 November. You might have noticed that my presence on WordPress is scarce, but I have a good justification. There is no need to rush with your submissions as I will only look at them after my trip in November. See you soon!


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  2. Wow, you popped up in my reader. It’s been awhile. Hope all is well. I love your frontier image and the triplets, I smiled. Will be back after a bit of pondering and searching.


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  5. Good to see you back, Paula, even if it is sporadic. That’s been me, too! Such beautiful photos. Is it me or do those cows look a bit on the skinny side? 😹 I’ll take a look and see if I’ve got anything to contribute! Have a wonderful time! 😁💕


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  8. Aperture is my absolute favourite! 🙂 🙂 Thanks for naming the places. I always want to know. I had a struggle to get here as Internet in our Algarve house is very poor, but as always, it was worth it, Paula. Enjoy your trip!


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