In case you were wondering what I had been up to this March,  the bellow photo sums it up :


Wandering the narrow alleys and book shopping in Venice

In response to  weekly photo challenge: Dense and Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons.




This is another weekly photo challenge known as Thursday’s Special. This week Thursday’s Special is bringing you the theme “Illusion”. In my photo of island San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice I played with the gradient filter to blur some parts of the image and to create an illusion of a miniature model Venice.

This is just one of the ways to create an illusion in photography. For this theme you can use forced perspective, fake miniatures, creative bokeh, panning, long exposure, silhouette photography – to name but few of the most commonly used tools. Come to think of it, any type of pictorial photograph should fit the bill.    

Today it is the 30th March, and you have a week to respond (i.e. by Wednesday 5th April). Can’t wait to see your entries. Happy Thursday!

©Paula Borkovic

jupiter najnajnoviji

A few pointers about participating in the challenge: 

  • Make a photo post post on today’s theme, before next Thursday.

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I am very happy with the entries for this challenge. Please click on the links to see some wonderful stuff:


On Sundays I normally publish a photo challenge in black and white that I call Black & White Sunday. I usually come up with a fresh theme for it, but once a month I publish a recurrent (monthly) theme: after and before where you are supposed to show the same photo, regardless of the subject, in both monochrome and colour.

This is a way of encouraging you not only to set your camera to black and white setting, but to shoot in colour and to convert it into black and white in post processing. I think that this may be a good exercise in seeing. Hope you will join me. Remember, any subject is OK as long as you show it both in colour and black and white. Wishing you all a beautiful day!   



©Paula Borkovic


 If you want to join the challenge:

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Please check out the entries to this challenge:



©Paula Borkovic


Maybe this little fellow will find his way to Jo’s Monday walk . This is also my offering for the weekly photo challenge: GREEN.


Welcome to Thursday’s Special photo challenge again. Today’s theme is WINDING. Instead of sharing why I chose today’s theme, I would like you to read this great quote by Yeats:

Life is a journey up a spiral staircase; as we grow older we cover the ground covered we have covered before, only higher up; as we look down the winding stair below us we measure our progress by the number of places where we were but no longer are. The journey is both repetitious and progressive; we go both round and upward.

The example bellow shows a well from Quinta da Regaleira, a bewildering estate located near the historic centre of Sintra in Portugal. “Built at the turn of the 20th century owing to the rich imagination of its owner Carvalho Monteiro and that of Italian architect Luigi Manini, the estate is an enchanting property featuring a palace and a chapel, a luxurious park with lakes, grottoes, benches, fountains and a vast array of exquisite constructions among which the most mysterious and appealing are initiation wells that resemble underground towers lined with stairs. The wells were never used as water sources; instead they served for ceremonial purposes that included Rosicrucian initiation rites.” (text taken from some tourist brochure).


©Paula Borkovic

jupiter najnajnoviji

To join the challenge:

  • Make a photo post post on today’s theme, before next Thursday.

  • Link to this challenge post, and tag your post #thursdaysspecial

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Happy Thursday!

Please have a look at the great entries to this challenge:



This month it is time to tackle  Traces of the Past in colour again. My photo shows a panorama of old Mantua (Italy) with the skyline that seems to pertain to some other times. There is no question that the former Duchy of Mantua (Mantova in Italian) still bears many traces of its glorious past. 

For this recurrent challenge you are free to choose whatever traces of the past you can find. It does not have to be a distant one, or rich in history; it can be something personal, or it can even have a human form. Just this once the deadline is in two weeks. So, see you all after my break on 23rd March when the next challenge is due. On the UPDATES page you can find more details.  

©Paula Borkovic

jupiter najnajnoviji

If you click on the following links, you’ll see the entries to this challenge:

I will look at other entries and link to them after my holiday. See you soon...


I live in the centre of the city and every trip to the countryside is a treat for me. I don’t do it often, but when I do I never miss the opportunity to photograph what looks like an ideal dwelling. This Sunday you are asked to post a photograph (or several) of a countryside which may, but does not have to, contain buildings or structures of some kind. This time you have two weeks to respond cause of my absence next Sunday.


©Paula Borkovic


Wishing you all a good week ahead I’d like you to note that the UPDATES page is updated for you to see when and what future challenges will bring.   

If you click on the following links, you’ll be able to see the entries to this challenge:



“Can you think of anything more permanently elating than to know that you are on the right road at last?” – Vernon Howard



This is my offering for THE ROAD TAKEN (weekly photo challenge).



For the Pick a Word challenge in March I chose five unrelated words and five unrelated images.  As usual you are free to choose one of the 5 offered words, and depict it in a photograph or you can do more than one word and post more than one photograph, or you may choose all of the words and depict them in a single image. Possibilities abound. Now, here are the words to choose from:















indelible (as in indelible memories)

A few words about images:

#1 is special because it is the first shot I took with a DSLR and cause it is a statue of the first Croatian King (Kralj Tomislav)

#2 is not special at all; it is a bark of a tree – I like its coarseness and abstract quality.

#3 I wanted to use the word “gibbous”. As for the subject – it is just a resident of a local Zoo.

#4 is special. It is a focus stacked image I made a few years ago. Bromelia is a tiny pot plant that looks so much more delicate in person than in this shot.

#5 – the most special one of all, cause it is from my first visit to Paris, and cause I  made passers-by almost delible while the skyline is indelible.

*Music in this post is fabulous, don’t miss it. It is by Pascal Comelade – Promenade des schizophrènes

This is my choice of words for this month, but you only have a week to respond. Next Thursday the challenge will be Traces of the Past. For updates please consult UPDATES page.

Hope you will all have a good month! 

And here are the cool entries to this challenge. Click on the links that follow:


It is the last day of February which means it is time for my monthly recap: 


and a smaller Black & White gallery:



I’m not a cat person, but February is a cat month, so here it is, a variety of a self-serving, street kind straight from Croatian coast. 



He’s gotta be strong
And he’s gotta be fast
And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight

This post is my offering for Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons.