NOTICE: From 10 to 19 March I am on a blog break/holiday looking for more traces of the past in Veneto. 

Please check out this page regularly to see what and when will be going on.

Photo challenges currently in course : 

Thursday’s Special on 9 March with the theme: Traces of the Past – deadline is on 22 March (the usual deadline of one week is exceptionally postponed till two weeks)

 Incoming challenges:

Thursday’s Special on 23 March with the theme: Winding

Black & White Sunday on 26 March  with the theme: AFTER AND BEFORE




Past challenges 

Black & White Sunday on 5 March with the theme: COUNTRYSIDE

Thursday’s Special on 2 March with the theme: Pick a Word (commanding, coarse, gibbous, incremental, indelible )

Black & White Sunday on 26 February with the theme: AFTER AND BEFORE, deadline is by 4 March.

Thursday’s Special on 23 February with the theme FOCUS

Black & White Sunday on 19 February with the theme: TRACES OF THE PAST.  

Thursday’s Special on 16 February with the theme RED & BLACK

Black & White Sunday on 12 February with the theme: DARKNESS AND LIGHT.

Thursday’s Special on 9 February with the theme PROFILE. 

Black & White Sunday with the theme: AFTER AND BEFORE

 Black & White Sunday with the theme: ON TOP. 

Thursday’s Special  with the theme: TRACES OF THE PAST. 

Black & White Sunday with the theme Passage  on 14 January. 

Thursday’s Special with the theme Unfocused on 12 January. 

Thursday’s Special with the theme: Pick a Word on 5 January.


Past challenges in 2016

Thursday’s Special: Conceptual photography  on 21 December.

Black & white Sunday:  Artificial light

But there are still two Thursday’s Specials this month:

Thursday’s Special’s: Minimalism on 22 Dec

Thursday’s Special’s: Retrospective on 29 Dec


Resume of November

TS on 24 November with the theme: Twilight

TS on 17 November with the theme: Calm

TS on 10th November with the theme PICK THE WORD (ascending, idleness, jaunty, whiff, luminosity)

 TS on 3rd November with the theme Traces of the Past.

Black and White Sunday is on 27th November with the theme Landscape.

Black and White Sunday is on 20th November with the theme Macro/Close up.

Black and White Sunday is on 13th November with the theme Subject of your liking

Black and White Sunday is on 6th November with the theme NIGHTSCAPE.

Thursday’s Special on 3rd November with the theme Traces of the Past. 


In October: 

Black & White Sunday: Repetition on 16 October

Thursday’s Special: Think Pink on 20 October

Black & White Sunday: Couple(s) on 23 October

Thursday’s Special: Tell a Story on 27 October

Black & White Sunday: Expression on 30 October


In September: 

The next Thursday’s Special is scheduled for 1 September with the theme: Eyes 

The next Black and White Sunday photo challenge is scheduled for 4 September with the theme: Portrait 



In August: 

Thursday’s Special: Shadow on 4th August 

Black & White Sunday: From above on 7th August 

Thursday’s Special: Seascape on 11th August 

Black & White Sunday: Favourite on 14th August 

Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past on 18th August 

Black & White Sunday: Composition on 21st  August 

Thursday’s Special: Pick a word (elusive, profusion, viscid, brilliant, disorder) on 25th August

Black & White Sunday: Towering on 28th  August 

In July: 

Black and White Sunday: Manipulation  on 3rd July
Black and White Sunday: Traces of the Past on 31 July (it has to be a monochrome photo or photos)
 Thursday’s Special: Pick a word on 28 July


In June: 
Thursday’s Special:
Pick a Word (Turbidity, Restlessness, Transience, Prolific, Decrepit) on 2 June
Traces of the Past on 9 June – open till 14 June
Here and There on 16 June
Mirroring on 23 June
Descent on 30 June
Black & White Sunday:
Size on 5 June
Diagonal(s) on 12 June
Unexpected on 19 June
Always there on 26 June


In May
Thursday’s Special:
Inflated on 12 May – Thursday’s Special (photo challenge in colour)
Scattered  on 5 May – /Thursday’s Special (in colour)
Park on 19 May – Thursday’s Special (photo challenge in colour)
Glow on 26 May – Thursday’s special
Black & White Sunday:
  • Abstract on 15 May
  • Texture on 22 May
  • Timeless on 29 May


In April
Thursday’s Special:
Guest challenge by Cardinal Guzman: Night photography on 7th April 
Three of a kind
Traces of the past in colour
Black & White Sunday:
  • Convergence
  • Delicate
  • Guest challenge: One on 17th April
  •  Rhapsody in B&W
In March
Guest challenge in colour on March 3, by Meg. The theme is: Calligraphy
Other themes:
  • Urban art
  • Tall  
  • Physical (phenomenon) on 24th March
  • Forbidding on 31st March 
Black and White in March: 
  • Rural photography on 6th March
  • Renewal – guest challenge by Michelle Lunato on 13th March
  • Low Key on 20th March


In February 2016
Colour photo challenge:
  • Life size on 4th February 
  • City dwellers on 11th February
  • Choice – guest challenge on  18th February
  • Traces of the Past Y2 01 on 25 February
Black and White Sunday:
  • Still life on 7th February
  • Surreptitious photography on 14th February
  • Light on 21st February
  • Negative space – guest challenge 28th February



 In January 2016
Thursday’s Special:
  •  Robotic on 2016/01/7/
  • Organised noise – guest challenge by Tobias from Empire of Lights on 28 January


Black and White Sunday
  • Moody on 2016/01/3/
  • What makes you happy – Guest challenge by Debbie on 10th January




 January 2015: 

2015/01/4 – Architecture Guest Post (Black & White Sunday)*****
2015/01/8 – Dusk (Thursday’s Special)
2015/01/11 – Through (Black & White Sunday)
2015/01/15 – Multicoloured (Thursday’s Special)
2015/01/18 – Surprise (Black & White Sunday)
2015/01/22 – Knowing your place – Guest Post (Thursday’s Special)*****
2015/01/25 – Inspiration (Black & White Sunday)
2015/01/29 – Arranged (Thursday’s Special)


February 2015: 

 2015/02/1 –  Personality (Black & White Sunday)
2015/02/5 –  Diversity (Thursday’s Special)
2015/02/8 – Shape – Guest Post (Black & White Sunday)*****
2015/02/12 – Red  (Thursday’s Special)
2015/01/15 – Lines  (Black & White Sunday)
2015/02/19 – Cold (Thursday’s Special)
 2015/02/22 –  Quiet (Black & White Sunday)
2015/02/26 – Restoration – Guest Post  (Thursday’s Special)*****


March 2015:

2015/03/1 –  Landscape (B&White Sunday)
 On 5th and 8th of March there are no challenges as I am away. 
2015/03/12  – Abstract – Guest Post (Thursday’s Special)*****
2015/03/15 – Tribe – Guest Post (B&White Sunday)*****
2015/03/19 – Breaking the rules (Thursday’s Special)
2015/03/22 – Distortion (B&White Sunday)
2015/03/26 – Multitude (Thursday’s Special)
2015/03/29 – Across  (B&White Sunday)


April 2015:

2015/04/2 – Reflection  (Thursday’s Special)
2015/04/5 – Religious Building (Black & White Sunday)
2015/04/9  – Panorama (Thursday’s Special)
2015/04/12 – Architecture 02 – Guest Post (Black & White Sunday)*****
2015/04/16 – Water   (Thursday’s Special)
2015/04/19 –    Unusual   (Black & White Sunday) 
2015/04/22  – Traces of the Past 01 (Thursday’s Special)
2015/04/19 –  Tools  (Black & White Sunday) 
2015/04/30 – Symbolism – Guest Post  (Thursday’s Special) ******


May 2015:

2015/05/3 – Perspective and Anti-Perspective – Guest post (Black & White Sunday) – 
2015/05/7  – Andrenalin – Guest Post  (Thursday’s Special)*****
2015/05/10 – Mirror image (Black & White Sunday)
On 13th and 17th of May there are no challenges as I am away. 
2015/05/21  – Opposites (Thursday’s Special) 
2015/05/24 – Stronghold  (Black & White Sunday)
2015/05/28  – How to Tell a Story through Colour Photography (Thursday’s Special – guest post by Modesofflight)******** 
2015/05/31 – Man-made (Black & White Sunday)


June 2015:

2015/06/4  – Cloudscape  (Thursday’s Special)
2015/06/7 – My Workstation (Black & White Sunday) – Guest Post 
2015/06/11  – Decay (Thursday’s Special)
2015/06/14 – Macro (Black & White Sunday)
2015/06/18  – Street portraits – guest post (Thursday’s Special)***** 
2015/06/21 – Natural (Black & White Sunday)
2015/06/25  – Traces of the Past 02  (Thursday’s Special)
2015/06/28 –  How to tell a story through Black & White Photography – guest post (Black & White Sunday)


July 2015:

2015/07/2  – Bird’s Eye(view)   (Thursday’s Special)
2015/07/5 – Local Watering Hole (Black & White Sunday) – 
2015/07/9  – Pattern (Thursday’s Special)
2015/07/12 – Geometry (Black & White Sunday)
On 16th, 19th, 23rd  and 26th of July there are no challenges as I am on holiday. 
2015/07/30  – Gold inside- Guest challenge (Thursday’s Special)


August 2015:

2015/08/02 – Windows (Black & White Sunday)
2015/08/6  – Minuscule (Thursday’s Special)
2015/08/09 – Cityscape (Black & White Sunday)
2015/08/13  – Time – Guest challenge (Thursday’s Special)******
2015/08/16 – Sculpture  (Black & White Sunday)
2015/08/20  – Flare  (Thursday’s Special)
2015/08/23 – Summer time   (Black & White Sunday)
2015/08/27  – Traces of the Past 03  (Thursday’s Special)
2015/08/30 – Squeeze  – Guest challenge (Black & White Sunday) and my response to guest challenge – this is the last scheduled post for a while.


September, October, November 2015 – taking time off to get well


December 2015

2015/12/3  – Creative Intervention (Thursday’s Special)
2015/12/10  – In the Background (Thursday’s Special)
2015/12/17  – Backlit (Thursday’s Special)
For those who prefer to play in Black&White: 
2015/12/6 – Landmark (Black & White Sunday)
2015/12/13  – Winding (Black & White Sunday)
2015/12/20  – Leading Lines (Black & White Sunday)


There are two photo challenges on this blog. One is in colour and takes place on Thursdays and is called Thursday’s Special. The other one is in monochrome and takes places on Sundays and is aptly called Black & White Sunday.

I choose themes in advance (for both photo challenges) and announce them here so that you may have some extra time to prepare. Even when I post the challenge you have at least five days to submit your entries.

Every now and then I invite guests (photo bloggers and bloggers in general that are interested in photography) to host a photo challenge in colour (Thursday’s Special) or the monochrome one (Black&White Sunday).

The idea behind this is to incite interaction among bloggers sharing similar or even different ideas, but in any case to gather creative people interested in the same projects. I am excited about your participation and grateful for your input.




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    • Hello C, I’m on a break, challenges will be resumed next Thursday. The theme will be “abstract”. You may post a photo of something abstract link to my Thursday’s Special post and leave me a link. When I come back next week I’ll tell you about hosting guest photo challenges. There is a subpage here where you can check out some of guest challenges posts. They can be in colour (on Thursdays) or in B&W (on.Sundays). Thank you for your interest. I’ll check out your blog when I come back.


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  8. hi
    i have been following you. but not sure how to take the challenge
    i have last sundays challenge, but do i post them to your site or send you a link?
    and what tags should i put?
    sorry I’m new to this. lol and trying to navigate and figure out what to do.
    thank you


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    • Dear Marsha, I had to postpone some challenges for February, and this happened with “surreptitious photography” too which is now scheduled for 14th February. Thank you so much for your early submission. I love your approach to the theme, and I will link to your post with an image preview on 14th February when the challenge is officially on. Thanks again 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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