Conscience of Logic

Thoughts flow in and out of my mind.

Trying to stop them, freeze them in time.

Must put them somewhere safe

Where they’ll do no more harm.


78 thoughts on “Conscience of Logic

  1. Such a peaceful episode I just spent in your company, Paula. Many thanks.
    The photo has a special glow. Could have been a Thursday one πŸ™‚ The words you could put in a sack and drop off the quay, but they’d still come back to you.


    • Yes, thoughts act like this :S. That photo was taken on Malta beginning of January almost 3 years ago. It did not require any post processing πŸ™‚ A magical place! Thank you for sharing your time with my memories.


  2. Amazing photo, perfect for deep thoughts – why freeze them, why stop them – let them free and when they return as bright colors in our minds – if they don’t come back, so they wasn’t worth it… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  3. And the best place to pour out those thoughts is the near or into the ocean. There’s this comforting feeling if I do it that way. Somehow, the constantly moving waters take those thoughts away as the winds purge them off me. I feel like this is the only place where they drift away when…

    Oh, this kind of view never seizes to amaze me.


    • πŸ™‚ it is very nice to read you. my heart is grateful, Sony. That was a view from a ferry boat beginning of January 3 years ago – not a scene I would usually see that time of year πŸ™‚ My thoughts are fresher – they appeared the same day I posted this. Hope you will listen to music πŸ™‚ xx


  4. I just did. How could I forget that…

    It’s a befitting song, Paula–definitely. I feel like I am in a car driving somewhere unknown but very happy…I must tell I felt that what they call frisson again just like when you let me listen to “For You” by Tin Sparrow. I had a hard time finding where to download that song by the way. But it’s worth the search so to speak.

    Paula, I am inclined to like songs with this kind of theme. Mushy but ironically uplifting.

    Please tell me who the artist is.


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