Black & White Sunday: One (response to guest challenge)

My guest today has managed to make us laugh and smile at the same time. This is what I want for her, a bright future filled with laughs and smiles and calm seas.

You already know the theme. It is “ONE”. Make it special, and B&W.


drvo volterra b&W drugi-1_potpis_scale

(Clicking on the image will show the full size, but don’t do it while listening to the tune, cause it will stop it)




If you want to join the challenge make sure to leave links to your posts and link to this blog. Have a good Sunday!


Entries for this challenge are:


61 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: One (response to guest challenge)

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  2. Yes, I’m for lone trees too. What’s interesting about this one is it may be alone, but it’s certainly standing up for itself on that hillside. Can’t keep a good tree down. Happy Sunday, Paula.


  3. First, I love your entry for this challenge. The lone tree surrounded by endless rolling hills evoked this thought ‘When I feel alone, I need only to look around to see the beauty that surrounds me and know that the possibilities are endless.’ Perhaps a bit corny, but that was what came to me.

    Second, I am honored that you invited me to guest host on your blog. I had so much fun with creating the post and enjoyed our correspondence during the publishing process. I look forward to interacting with each of your readers from my tomorrow morning (The Captain is ringing the dinner bell now).

    And last, but not least, I am delighted to have been able to make you laugh and smile.

    I want nothing more than all that you have wished for me. Thank you


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  9. I like how you’ve carefully composed the image, Paula. The slopes running diagonally across the frame render a sense of motion, adding that bit of energy to the picture. Simple, yet powerful.


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