Guest Photo Challenge: One by Lisa Dorenfest


One by Lisa:


I love uncovering underwater mysteries and celebrating sweeping landscapes from the quite of the mountains to the endless expanse of the sea.  But my specialty is street photography; portraits, scenes and ‘moments’ that offer a brief glimpse into the lives of others, one image in a string of frames that compose their life movie.

When I am shooting the streets, the scenes that most capture my attention are those with only one subject.  It is here that I find, if only for an instant, a direct connection with another.  I am often drawn in by the feelings of solitude, separation or aloneness evoked by such an image. The use of black and white deepens that mood for me.  And I enjoy the sense of wonder that can be created by the presence of unique individual, one who stands out remarkably.

Are you drawn to create images with one subject?  How does ‘one’ manifest itself in your black and white photography?


95 thoughts on “Guest Photo Challenge: One by Lisa Dorenfest

  1. Both one, and totally unique! What most catches my attention is the gaze of the running angel directed towards the viewer. I’ve just started daring a bit of street photography and your words are inspiration to continue. It’s often hard to cut one figure out from a city scene, and I’m often too late. This photo will be my beacon.


    • What makes street photography so addictive is the one ‘hit’ for every 100 that got away. Warsaw offerers a treasure trove of street photography opportunities. And I am loving your Warsaw spring one month in to your adventures there.


      • Trouble is my Polish isn’t good enough (OK, let’s be honest, it’s pretty well non-existent!) to negotiate permission, and I’m a bit wary of stealing images – although I did override my principles for the well-dressed mum pushing a pram on roller blades, and the young woman with a coat like the robes of a whirling dervish. Bad photos, both, because the camera didn’t come out quickly enough.

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        • I understand your challenges (language, permission). Perhaps if you keep your camera on the ready and your intent clear in your mind, you will be able to spot cool street scenes that you feel comfortable taking without permission (people from behind, people from a distance, blurred faces, people that look like they enjoy attention and want to be photographed, shooting crowds, etc).


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    • Thank you Lexi! I had a lot of fun with this one. I hope that your days are brighter and that all is well with your family. Think of you often. In fact, I think of your Fitz Roy post often (….how the most ‘disappointing travel day of your life’ allowed you to focus ‘smaller scenes of beauty’ . It is so true that while we often we don’t get what we want (or set out for) what we do get (or capture) is beautifully unexpected.

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      • Oh, thank you – for both thinking about me and my recent craziness and for complimenting my post! My mom is doing really well (like yours, she has made a miraculous recovery), and we are settling into our new place. (Of course, I am back in Chicago right now, which is making me extra happy!) Hope things are similarly looking up for you!

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    • 😀 I think it is more ‘right lace/right time’ than talent Janis. My best photos seem to be ‘bones’ thrown to me by the universe to keep me addicted to this art form. On the day that this photo was taken, I’d been out shooting horrible photos all day and was just about to give up in frustration when this fellow came running down the street., once again keeping me hooked on photography. And that quote is so true about the ‘best camera’.


    • Thank you for your very lovely feedback Hilary. I had a lot of fun with this photo. I especially appreciate your comment in light of all that you have going on at the moment. Good luck with the new book!


  7. I’m intrigued. Why was he running, why was he wearing speedos and wings and why does he need his phone? He obviously spotted your camera and looks quite astonished that anyone would want to photograph him – great capture Lisa. I shall have to see what I can dig out for this one 😀


    • Thank you Jude! I had a blast with this one. It is one of those photos that if you don’t know the backstory, it seems magical, but if you do know the backstory, it was just another day in Sydney.

      This was taken in March. I had been photographing in Hyde Park where participants were queuing for the start of the 2016 Mardi Gras parade. Parades are always a great place to get street shots, but I wasn’t very satisfied with the images I had been capturing. Anyone could have taken them and taken them better that I did. I left the park very discouraged to go meet some friends for dinner.
      I was a few blocks away from the park getting ready to put my camera away when I spied the angel, late and frantically running toward the parade route to join his entourage. He was using his phone to find out where they were. Somehow, having him completely out of the parade’s context, turned the moment into a mystery. A welcome ‘bone’ thrown to me from the universe to keep me addicted to this art form.

      Looking forward to seeing what you can dig out 😀

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  8. Awwww 😊. Always a stressful time getting ready for a passage, but nowhere near as stressful as staying put 😀. So much to do. I probably won’t have time for that bridge climb 🐔🐔🐔


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  10. This is an amazing shot, Lisa. You certainly captured the runner in the moment. He must be in a hurry somewhere from the looks of it, and looks like the least of his concern his what he is wearing…or the lack thereof 😀

    Very nice to read your take on street photography. Now I see your work with different eyes. Wonder why you are drawn to solitude…but that is your reason to know and keep 🙂 Love your work as usual. Keep up the great street photography and see you at some point ❤


    • Thank you Mabel! I had so much fun with this shot. He was late to join his crew for the Mardi Gras 2016 parade. Finding him away from the crowds and the context of the overall celebration added that hint of mystery that I love to capture in street photography.

      And you know that you and Mr Wobbles are welcome to visit anytime, anywhere 💕🐒.

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    • Thank you Klara 😊 He was late to join his crew for the Mardi Gras 2016 parade. Finding him away from the crowds and the context of the overall celebration added that hint of mystery that I love to capture in street photography.


  11. I’ve been shooting street now for two years and I can still lose my nerve. I would love to see what you might capture on the streets. My advice is to always keep your camera out, be ready to take a lot of bad shots (my ratio is 1 out of every 100 are good) and perhaps start with the less scary (crowds, backs, distance).


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  13. This image makes me smile and wondering what happened before or after. I guess that’s the power of a good street photography, it tells a story but viewer can still make many stories from it. Great image, Lisa!


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  15. Lisa, I want to know where you bought your camera, what brand is it…because I want one that just takes a marvelous photo every time you put it to your eye, one that CREATES marvelous photos where ever you walk. That is what is, right? I mean, it isn’t that you are just lucky. Or in the right spot EVERY DANG TIME, right? It’s the camera, right? I want one of those things. A guy in his skivvies with angel wings…really? I am surprised, though, that there is no grafitti…did you not have that setting turned on?


  16. Oh my goodness you may me laugh (and blush) Mr Badfish. I can not tell you how many sh*t photos it takes for me to get a good one. My street photographs happen to me, often just as I am about to give up. This one is just another example where I’d spent all day photographing and had such a bad day that I was like ‘enough of this, I’m done’ and then the angel came running down the street, only to hook me once again.


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