TYPICAL. This is a typical shot of Venice, and typical is the theme for this week’s Black & White Sunday photo challenge. I hope you’ll find something you want to show or even go out and capture something typical for this occasion. Whatever your choices, please link to this challenge post and leave me a comment bellow. Sending you love and peace and wishes for a great week!



P.S. Will start looking at your entries tomorrow. Hopefully, I am somewhere in nature now looking at brooks and butterflies 🙂



Please have a look at these cool “typical” entries:


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  10. It is interesting to note the differences of “typical.” I suppose it all stems from one’s perspective, experience, as well as location. While boats and water may be seen as “typical,” Venice, for me, is unique in so many ways. Such as forest and trees are typical…the name of this national forest, Medicine Bow, has an special history.

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    • Thank you very much, Cee. When I was leaving my comment the first time on your post it did not go through. Sorry about that. I have been having problems with WordPress lately. Their upgrades and improvements are limiting to my actions.

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